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We are drowning in paper. We keep stacks of it on the kitchen counter, stash it in drawers, and stuff file cabinets full of documents (just one file cabinet can hold 18,000 sheets of paper – yikes). Despite this clear crisis of paper, there hasn’t been a book devoted to managing and organizing this single most abundant item in our homes – until now.

In The Paper Solution, Lisa Woodruff delivers a proven, step-by-step guide to decluttering the paper in our lives and sorting what’s left behind into easily accessible, structured, and, most importantly, manageable files.

The system Woodruff offers isn’t based on unrealistic advice, such as ‘touch a piece of paper only once’. Instead, it accounts for paper’s unique qualities: its sentimental value, ability to accumulate astonishingly fast, the generational differences in how it’s treated, and the fact that it’s not going anywhere despite the popularity of minimalism movements such as Kon Mari. Woodruff’s approach is doable, effective, and compassionate.

Much more than simply cleaning out your files, The Paper Solution will help you organize your paperwork with a purpose-removing the heavy burden of a chaotic mess and giving you the space and time to enjoy what you love and discover a sense of peace.


Systems are the engine to create efficiency in the home. The Paper Solution gives practical tips and tools that allow us all to free up our precious time to focus on what truly matters.
Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play
Drowning in paper? With Lisa's ingenious methods, you can take control, get more organised, and free up incredible amounts of time.
Laura Vanderkam, author of Off the Clock and 168 Hours
A must-read for anyone that has ever struggled with too much paper and wondered if they are keeping and shredding the right documents. Read this and you'll know what to do with everything that comes your way.
Becky Rapinchuk, author of Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home and Simply Clean
The Paper Solution walks you step by step to conquering the paper dilemma in your home. . . Her tips are practical and doable, leaving readers feeling empowered!
Maria Dismondy, author, speaker, and publisher of Cardinal Rule Press
Lisa's enthusiasm for productivity and organisation shines through every chapter of this book . . . This go-to resource provides the information, structure, tools, and motivation to properly manage your paper clutter and stop it from taking over your home and life.'
Andrea Dekker, professional organiser and blogger at AndreaDekker.com
Even in our digital age, paper remains one of the biggest sources of clutter both at home and in the workplace. . . . In The Paper Solution, Lisa Woodruff has presented a practical, actionable approach to solving that problem.
Laura McClellan, lawyer, productivity coach, and host of The Productive Woman podcast
It's a miracle! A system of managing papers (and my life) that works in tandem with my ADHD brain (and those of my clients). The Sunday Basket concept is so simple, yet so brilliant. The book takes you through the entire system, step by step. Great reference and great program. Highly recommended!'
Linda Roggli, award-winning author and founder of the ADDiva Network