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Maggie McCune was born in India during the last vestiges of the British Raj. Her daughter, Emma, whose passion for Africa led her to aid work in Sudan where she fell in love with and married a guerrilla commander of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, died in a car accident when only 29 and expecting her first baby.

TILL THE SUN GROWS COLD weaves together their stories: the bereaved mother trying to make sense of her daughter’s brief, colourful existence through Emma’s writing and diaries, and discovering much about herself as she revisits their shared and separate pasts.


'McCune intereaves the story of her own upbringing in Assam and disastrous marriage with that of her magnetic and vivacious daughter, meditating poignantly on what it means for a mother to ''outlive her children, to bury them in the earth and walk away.''' Daily Telegraph