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IWM was founded on 5 March 1917 when the War Cabinet approved a proposal by Sir Alfred Mond MP for the creation of a national war museum to record the events still taking place during the First World War.

The intention was to collect and display material as a record of everyone’s experiences during the war – civilian and military – and to commemorate the sacrifices of all sections of society.The First World War Retold tells the story of that war from a fresh perspective from IWM’s unparalleled collections. It presents events as they happened, through quotations from diaries, letters or reported conversations written or spoken within hours, days or weeks of the events they describe.

Through these voices and objects – emotive, immediate, and sometimes surprising – the story of the war is retold from a compelling new angle, allowing us to both understand and reflect upon the landmark conflict that still shapes our lives today.

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"The book examines the Great War from its causes through its aftermath, and the concise text is well-illustrated with both black and white period photographs and color images of the various artifacts that the IWM has been able to collect over the past century....For those who are interested in the Great War, the First World War Retold offers a concise and well-illustrated look at the conflict that swept away the old political and social order but unfortunately set the stage for an even more deadly conflict a generation later. The book is highly recommended, and reading it will probably convince some that they must journey to London to see the new IWM First World War Galleries that author Cornish helped to create."
The Journal Of America's Military Past