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The Royal Wardrobe: peek into the wardrobes of history's most fashionable royals

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781472297471

Price: £12.99

ON SALE: 6th June 2024

Genre: Literature & Literary Studies / Prose: Non-fiction

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‘I loved this book!’ – Alison Weir

‘[A] lively, gossipy forage through royal wardrobes’ – Daily Mail

A sparkling history’ – Dr Kate Strasdin

Peek into the wardrobes of history’s most fashionable royals

Why did women wear such heavy and uncomfortable skirts in the Elizabethan era?
What the hell happened to Charles II’s pubic hair wig?
How did Princess Diana’s revenge dress become so iconic?

Fashion for the royal family has long been one of their most powerful weapons. Every item of their clothing is imbued with meaning, history and majesty, telling a complex tale of the individuals who wore them and the houses they represented.

From the draping of a fabric to the arrangements of jewels, the clothing worn by royals is anything but coincidental. King at just nine years old, Edward VI’s clothes were padded to make him seem stronger and more manly; and the ever-conscious Elizabeth II insisted her coronation gown include all the representative flora of the commonwealth nations, and not just that of the United Kingdom. Yet reigning monarchs are not the only ones whose fashion sensibilities could mean make or break for the crown.

Original and enlightening, Rosie Harte’s complete history delicately weaves together the fashion faux pas and Vogue-worthy triumphs that chart the history of our royals from the Tudors to the Victorians right through to King Charles III and our twenty-first-century royal family. Travelling far beyond the bounds of the court, The Royal Wardrobe reveals the economic, social and political consequences of royal apparel, be it breeches, tiara, wig or waistcoat.

Each stitch has a story, you just need to know how to read them


[A] lively, gossipy forage through royal wardrobes from Tudors to the present incumbents
Daily Mail
I loved this book! It's stunning and stylish, perfect for anyone who likes royalty and clothes. It's the riveting story of our kings and queens from the Tudors to the present day, told through what they wore. A fascinating piece of social history from a wonderful storyteller
Alison Weir
For centuries, the monarchy have recognised that clothes matter and it is through these many royal lives that Rosie Harte has written a sparkling history of royal wardrobes. From King Henry VII's crimson velvet mantle of 1485 to the twenty first century princess she charts the evolution of royal style and some of the monarchy's most colourful characters
Dr Kate Strasdin, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies, Fashion and Textiles Institute
Harte's comprehensive history of royal apparel is captivating.
Woman's Own