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If I Could Say Goodbye

If I Could Say Goodbye

A heart-warming and uplifting story about love, loss and finding the strength to say goodbye, from the author of The First Time I Saw You.

Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes and Cecelia Ahern, If I Could Say Goodbye is sure to ‘break your heart but put it back together again’ (Katie Fforde)

Jennifer Jones’ life began when her little sister, Kerry, was born. So when her sister dies in a tragic accident, nothing seems to make sense any more.

Despite the support of her husband, Ed, and their wonderful children, Jen can’t comprehend why she is still here, while bright, spirited Kerry is not.

When Jen starts to lose herself in her memories of her sister, she doesn’t realise that the closer she feels to Kerry, the further she gets from her family.

Jen was never able to say goodbye to her sister. But what if she could?

Would you risk everything if you had the chance to say goodbye?


‘Gorgeous, tender, spine-tingling storytelling – an absolute heart-rending joy’ Miranda Dickinson

‘Poignant and beautifully written’ Woman

‘A tragically beautiful story of love and loss, family and hope. Emma Cooper has been swiftly added to my list of authors to read’ Fiona Harper

‘A very special book indeed: funny, powerful, heart-wrenching’ Jo Thomas
The Songs of Us

The Songs of Us

‘Best book I have read this year’ Amazon Reviewer

‘Quirky, clever, and original, this will break your heart, but put it back together again’
Katie Fforde

‘Full of love, humour and heart, Emma’s books will stay with you for a long time’ Josie Silver

Fans of Jojo Moyes, Cecilia Ahern and Marian Keyes will love The Songs of Us by Emma Cooper, a laugh-out-loud, funny and heartbreaking novel of love, loss and what it means to be a family.

If Melody hadn’t run out of de-icer that day, she would never have slipped and banged her head. She wouldn’t be left with a condition that makes her sing when she’s nervous. And she definitely wouldn’t have belted out the Arctic Monkeys’ ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ in assembly at her son’s school.

If Dev hadn’t taken the kids to the zoo that day, then the accident wouldn’t have happened. He wouldn’t have left Flynn and Rose without a dad. Or shattered the love of his life’s heart.

But if they hadn’t seen the missing person report that day, they might never have taken the trip to Cornwall. And, in the last place they expected, discovered what it really means to be ‘Us’.

Readers LOVE The Songs of Us:

‘One of my favourites of 2018’

‘Reminiscent of (and in my humble opinion right up there with) Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and Cecilia Ahern’s PS I Love You

‘Funny, heartbreaking and beautifully written…an absolute triumph!

‘This book is something really special, I might even venture to say, perfect’

‘Absolutely wonderful, can’t recommend it highly enough’

‘This book really is something very special. And oh, the ending. Perfect, just perfect!’

‘Wow, wow and wow, what a wonderful and unique storyline’

‘A charming and captivating novel which will make you laugh, give you hope, break your heart and restore your faith in true love’

‘I can’t remember the last time I was so moved by a book’

‘If you want a book that makes you giggle and ugly cry at the same time… this is a must read!’

‘Wow….loved loved loved this book, I so did not want this to end’

‘Rarely does a book come along that is as unique and mesmerising as The Songs Of Us

‘It had me laughing and crying in equal measures’

The Songs of Us will soften your heart and make you smile’

‘Get your hands on a copy now. TRUST ME.’

‘I could not put it down … I really do highly recommend this book’
The First Time I Saw You

The First Time I Saw You

Beautifully observed, tender and genuinely funny’ Josie Silver

‘Funny, original storytelling, an emotional rollercoaster packed with twists and turns that tugged at all my heartstrings’ Holly Miller

‘A profoundly affecting, beautifully written story packed with heart and hope’ Miranda Dickinson

Six-foot-two Irish man who answers to the name Samuel McLaughlin.
Has weak shins and enjoys show tunes.
If found, please return to Sophie Williams.

Sophie Williams has the perfect career and it’s all she needs to shut herself off from the rest of the world, and more importantly, the secrets of her past.

Samuel McLaughlin is an open book. He lives for the present and life for him is his big Irish family and his friends.

Against all expectation, Samuel breaks down the walls of Sophie’s ordered world and they spend the perfect week together, but when Sophie discovers the terrible truth, she is forced to leave.

But as Samuel begins searching for Sophie, a life-changing event alters how he sees life forever.

And with each passing week, Sophie seems further and further from his reach.

From the author of The Songs of Us (shortlisted for the RNA Contemporary Novel Award) comes a love story that will ‘break your heart, but put it back together again’ (Katie Fforde). Fans of Jojo Moyes and Lucy Dillon will love The First Time I Saw You by Emma Cooper.

‘An evocative, warm and character-driven read that is truly memorable’ Woman & Home

‘A heartwarming, charming novel which had me falling in love and desperate to be part of their happy ending’ Olivia Beirne

‘A gorgeous heart-breaking rollercoaster of a love story that made me laugh and cry in equal measures’ Fiona Harper

‘Cooper creates characters that come alive with pathos and heart and humour’ Magic Radio
The Accidental Love Letter

The Accidental Love Letter

The hilarious, uplifting novel from bestselling author Olivia Beirne is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Beth O’Leary and Marian Keyes.

‘A hilarious, heart-warming read’ Daisy Buchanan

Would you open a love letter that wasn’t meant for you?

Bea used to feel confident, outgoing and fun, but she’s not sure where that person went.

Over the last few months, she’s found herself becoming reclusive and withdrawn. And despite living with her two best friends, she’s never felt lonelier. To make things worse, she’s become so dependent on her daily routine, she’s started to slip out of everyone else’s.

But when a mysterious battered envelope covered in stars lands on her doormat, Bea wonders if she could find the courage to open it.

What’s written inside might change everything…

**Olivia’s new novel House Swap is available to pre-order NOW!**

Readers LOVE Olivia Beirne!

‘A charming, uplifting read… Delightful’

‘A mesmerising blend of humour and emotion’

‘A perfect mix of humour and heart

An uplifting read that leaves you on a high’

A proper feel-good, heart-warming, very natural and relatable story

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down’


A gorgeous life-affirming read
The List That Changed My Life

The List That Changed My Life

Olivia Beirne’s bestselling The List That Changed My Life will take you on the hilarious and heart-warming journey of a lifetime, showing you what it means to really be alive… Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Rosie Walsh and Marian Keyes.

A charming, uplifting read. . . Delightful’ ROXIE COOPER

Sometimes all you need is a little push . . .

Georgia loves wine, reality TV and sitting on the sofa after work. She does not love heights, looking at her bank account, going on dates, or activities that involve a sports bra. And she will never, ever take a risk.

That is, until her braver, bolder, big sister finds out that she won’t be able to tick off the things she wanted to do before turning thirty, and turns to Georgia to help her finish her list.

With the birthday just months away, Georgia suddenly has a deadline to learn to grab life with both hands. Could she be brave enough to take the leap, for her sister?

And how might her own life change if she did?

**Olivia’s new novel House Swap is available to pre-order NOW!**

Readers LOVE Olivia Beirne!

‘A mesmerising blend of humour and emotion’

‘A hilarious, heart-warming read’

‘Olivia writes with great warmth and wit . . . fantastically funny’

‘A heart-warming story of love, family and friendship’

It was a proper feel-good, heart-warming . . . I thoroughly enjoyed reading

‘A gorgeous life-affirming read’

‘What an absolutely fabulous debut novel!’

‘[It] reaches through the pages, envelopes you in a big warm hug and leaves you smiling from ear to ear’

Love, Unscripted

Love, Unscripted

‘Sometimes a book comes along and it feels dusted with magic – Love, Unscripted is one of those books’ Josie Silver

‘A complete delight’ Holly Bourne

Love, Unscripted follows film projectionist Nick as he tries to understand the difference between love on the big screen and love in real life. Owen Nicholls is perfect for fans of romcoms, David Nicholls and Nick Hornby.

For film projectionist Nick, love should mirror what he sees on the big screen. And when he falls for Ellie on the eve of the 2008 presidential election, it finally does.

For four blissful years, Nick loved Ellie as much as he loved his job splicing film reels together in the local cinema. Life seemed… picture-perfect.

But now it’s 2012, Ellie has moved out and Nick’s trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

With Ellie gone and his life far from the happy ending he imagined, Nick wonders if their romance could ever again be as perfect as the night they met.

Can love really be as it is in the movies?

**Owen Nicholls’ new novel PERFECT TIMING is available to pre-order now!**

Readers love Owen Nicholls . . .

‘An unmissable, multi-layered readWoman & Home

‘A fun, entertaining story with bags of heart – the book equivalent of a classic rom-com’ CultureFly

A nostalgic read for fans of Nick Hornby and David Nicholls . . . [a] smart funny novelHeat

‘A refreshing take on the typical boy-meets-girl romance . . . an unmissable read’ Woman’s Weekly

Cute romcom full of cinematic references’ The Sun (Fabulous Magazine)

A gorgeous romcom filled with movie references and Obama-era nostalgia’ Kate Davies, author of In At The Deep End

An astutely observed romantic comedy that had me shaking with laughter and sniffing away tears. Pure pleasure.’ Empire Magazine

‘Smartly observed romcom . . . bursting with some very cute cultural referencesSunday Mirror

The perfect read for film enthusiasts’ Woman Magazine

Charming read’ Woman’s Way

‘Nicholls shows a lovely lightness of touch in this enjoyable debut iPaper

This is one of the best books I have ever read. If When Harry Met Sally and High Fidelity had a book baby, this would be it’ Emma Cooper, author of The Songs of Us

High Fidelity for the multiplex generation. Owen Nicholls makes it look easy but it’s a smart and funny book, laced with wisdom. A lovely, warm, engaging read.’ Richard Lumsden, author of The Six Loves of Billy Binns

A properly funny, clever, bittersweet romcom‘ Richard Roper, author of Something to Live For

One of the most realistic love stories I have read‘ Michelle Elman, author of Am I Ugly?

‘A delightfully sweet, funny, and heartbreaking ode to love stories, both onscreen and off.’ Kirkus, starred review
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